Coronavirus: Diabatic patients report a rise in blood sugar levels during lockdown by 20%

Lockdown or not, it’s vital to follow a healthy lifestyle to stay fit as well as fight off health issues pertaining to stress, blood sugar flare-up or obesity. Here are a few tips which can help prevent diabates from flaring up and lead a healthy lifestyle.

-Watch your diet. Ensure you have plenty of veggies, fruits, grains, pulses, antioxidant and inflammation-fighting foods on a regular basis. Unrefined, low-carb, moderated portion sizes are preferred.

-Maintain a proper eating schedule as well.

-Include some form of physical activity in your daily plan. Do not sit all day long. Regular exercise can be one of the ways to fight off a sudden spike in sugar levels.

-Have more fruits and sources which have natural sugar in them. Try to switch to healthier alternatives like honey or jaggery.

-Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise. Ensure you get 7-8 hours of good quality sleep without fail.

-Drink water and stay hydrated through the day.

-If you have diabetes, monitor your levels and do not forget to take your medications.

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