Kerala man builds fully functional miniature Jeep Willys

NEW DELHI: Arunkumar, a man from Kerala, built a fully functional miniature version of Jeep Willys for a 10-year old boy.
The 75-kg miniature toy was built in mere 7 months. The toy takes inspiration from Jeep Willys which was featured in the Malayalam movie Lucifer.
Arunkumar, who hails from Kollam district in Kerala, put together the operational toy all by himself by dedicating his entire spare time to this project. He developed the chassis of the functional toy himself by welding GA rectangular pipes.
He used an analogue console unit from a Royal Enfield motorcycle to be used in the operational toy. The toy is also equipped with metal plates from a real jeep to enhance its suspension mechanism. The operational toy runs on a 24V DC motor which is mated to the rear axle.
The miniature Jeep Willys is fitted with a steering system that Arunkumar designed himself. He also used a fabric roof to the toy to make it appear much more realistic. The miniature jeep has forward, neutral and reverse gears.
To make the jeep appear more realistic, it is equipped with a toolbox, headlamps, indicators, wipers, horn, a USB charging port and a first-aid box.

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