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Riding high on philosophy and relentless hard work, Zach Peterson has emerged as a leading entrepreneur. – X herald


In just two years, Zach Peterson has led his clothing brand, Tattooed & Successful, to phenomenal success.

In the competitive business of clothing and apparel, it is very difficult to create a brand from scratch. It requires relentless hard work, zeal, passion, and determination to carve out a top clothing brand. Delivering consistently helps the brand gain strong word-of-mouth, which is crucial for anyone’s success. Invigorating this spirit, putting whole-hearted efforts consistently, is an entrepreneur who has created a clothing brand like none other, he is Zach Peterson.

Zach Peterson has scaled his level as a serial entrepreneur after making his clothing brand, Tattooed & Successful (T&S) a big-name brand. Zach Peterson grew up in Boise, Idaho, and had entrepreneurial ambitions from his childhood. He was very competitive, be it at sports, studies, or business; he wanted to be the best at whatever he was doing. This competitive spirit helped him have a successful collegiate athletic career. Post-college, he explored his entrepreneurial desire in the Treasure Valley, by venturing into many profitable businesses. He has the tenacity of a robust entrepreneur along with the poise and calm of a master strategist. He puts 110% effort into aligning resources, to kick start his clothing brand, T&S.

Zach Peterson was also very passionate about tattoos and used to get inked regularly. His tattoos speak about his personality and his philosophy of living life. T&S was also built to spread a message to everyone, that no matter what, no matter the downfalls of life, humanity is capable of breaking the mold. Zach Peterson believed in voicing out his opinions against cultural stigmas and underlined that his brand is the one that breaks stereotypes, and creates unconventional designs.

Another reason for the success of the brand is Zach Peterson’s love for his family. They are the ones who motivate him and make him aspire to attain far greater highs. It has been two years since the launch of T&S, and Zach Peterson’s clothing brand has garnered incredible popularity. Strong word-of-mouth compounded with rigorous hard work has elevated the brand’s worth manifolds. Tattooed & Successful has already made its mark in the clothing industry, and Zach Peterson’s efforts and philosophy have already created a lasting legacy. Visit the website now, or follow him on Instagram @zachjpete.

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